MARCH 2019


Roasted Carrot Cream Sout with tarragon pesto 6,50

Thinly sliced duck breast with melon carcpaccio and grenadine dressing 9,50

Pecorino di Pienza – baked tuscan sheep’s cheese with grilleed radicchio and honey and
pepper dip 9,50

Gin Pickled Tuna – with grapefruit, oranges and lemons 9,50


egetable shavings – raw courgettes, beetroots kohlrabi, carrots and radish with buttermilk dressing and spiced cashew nuts small 8,90 large 11,90


Tagliatelle with rabbit sauce 13,90

Mille Righe with tuna, swordfish, cherry tomatoes and olives 13,90

Ravioli stuffed goat’s cheese, lemon zest and thyme in green asparagus and almond pesto 13,90


Pizza with Avocado, Maongo and Chili Sauce (without cheese) 11,90

Pizza with Squid, cherry tomatoes and parsley pesto 12,90

Pizza with Mortadella, Burrata and truffle paste 13,90


Ratatouille Skewers grilled skewers with eggplants & mint, red peppers & onions and courgettes & halloumi, served with saffron dip and herb potatoes 16,90


Corn fed Chicken breast – stuffed with basil and pinenuts in wine and honey sauce, served with celery and poato-mash 17,90

Grilled veal Liver – with beer and pear risotto, onion rings and balsamico reduction 15,90

Daily fresh fish

Octopus squid braised with peppers and red onions 16,90

Octopus and prawns grilled 16,90

Sea Bass grilled 17,90

Grilled Sword fisch steak with salsa verde 17,90

choose a side dish

mixed salad and herb potatoes

chick pea and vegetable puree

beetroot, orange, baby spinach and sunflower seeds


Latte fritto - deep fried vanilla cream with blackberry compote 5,90

yoghurt Mousse elderflower jelly and cassis sorbet 5,90