Acquacotta – vegetable soup with bread, poached egg and sardinian pecorino  6,50

Saltibmocca Skewers – veal, prosciutto and sage involtini, grilled and served with green salad   9,50

Bagna Coauda – fried eggplants with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and parmesan  8,90

Prawn Cakes –with baby spinach, saffron and orange dip and cucumer mint dip  10,90


Barley, kale, walnud and pecorino with joghurt and lemon dressing 8,90 / large 11,90


Homemade Gnocchi with veal ragout and porcino mushrooms   13,90

Pasta con le Sarde – Linguine with sardine fillets, fennel, raisins and pine nuts  13,90

Ravioli with savoy cabbage and fontina cheese, melted onions and whine wine butter  13,90


Pizza with pumpkin and beetroot, cumin chili sauce and cashew nuts  (without cheese)  11,90

Pizza with Bresaola, mixed fried mushrooms and watercress   11,90

Pizza with fresh salmon, green asparagus, cherry tomatoes and tarragon 11,90


PArtichocke Duet – fresh artichokes, stuffed with herbs and pine nuts, and frittata (omlett)1 with artichokes and courgettes, served with mint pesto and boiled potatoes  16,90


Wild boar skewer with wild boar loin, salsiccia and red onions served with honey rosemary dop, frigitelli peppers and herb potatoes  17,90

Lemon Chicken – breas and leg of corn fed chicken in lemon sauce with sardinian fregola tostata pasta, aubergines and courgettes     16,90

Daily fresh fish

Sepia Squd  braised with tomatoes and red onions        16,90

Calamari grilled           16,90

Sea Bass grilled           17,90

Tuna Steak grilled with parsley and capers dip          17,90

choose a side dish

mixed salad and herb potatoes

tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes and crab butter sauce

lentils salad with baby spinach and oranges

Mussels with herbs and white wineor with tomato and onion sauce 13,50


Cannoli internazionali -  Biscuit rolls with three ricotta stuffings: ginger & chocolate, rose and pistacchio, citrus fruits 5,50

Maroni cream with pear compote and caramel sauce 5,90